Loney dear, regarding a to b directions. 
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A solo concert with guests at Teater Pero 24th of April. 110 tickets in total. TICKETS HERE

Re-release of greatest album Loney Noir on vinyl. Order here.



The whole catalogue is being re-released on vinyl. First out is Loney Noir. Order from shop above.

Loney dear have made around seven records since 2003. The best one is Loney Noir (2007) but some people think the last album Hall Music (2011) is the better. You can buy them from the shop. The picture below is from a trip to Argentina a few years ago. The future holds something mighty good.


Reach Emil: nilsemil@gmail.com

Booking Europe: Stefan@pitchandsmith.com

Booking Scandinavia (bigger stuff): robin@luger.se

Sync + publishing = Johnny.Tennander@sonyatv.com (nilsemil@gmail.com)

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